Saturday, January 26, 2019

TRON Dapp Weekly Report: Dapps Are Becoming an Significant Part of the TRON Ecosystem


As has become a tradition and a way of publicizing the growth of its ecosystem, Tron published the latest installment of its weekly Dapp report on Jan. 25.

The report focuses on the impact of Dapps on the Tron network and what to expect in the future.

Part of the report read:

“Tron Dapps are becoming a significant part of the ecosystem, and there will be more outstanding, innovative, and fun products coming up. We believe that Tron’s Dapp ecosystem will release more energy in the future.”

Numbers overview

A new section dedicated for winners of Tron Accelerator program was launched in Tron’s Dapp store. The winning projects have already been uploaded for the users to try out the Dapps.

A number of wallets and Dapp stores have set up sections dedicated to Tron Dapps. Mobile users now have the opportunity to experience Tron Dapps through various wallets such as Math, Cobo, Vena, Zebra, Bitkeep, Bimoney, and Beestore.

There are now more than 150 Dapps and 300 smart contracts on the Tron network. According to DappHouse – a platform that collects and displays Dapp information on the Tron network – there are 7 decentralized exchanges (DEXs), 6 collection games, 39 gambling Dapps, and 30 tool Dapps on Tron’s ecosystem.

The blockchain protocol now has 1.5 million accounts and more than 2 million transactions per day.

Dapps contribute 900,000 transactions per day, accounting for 42.8 percent of the total transactions on the Tron network.

Selected Dapps for the week

Epic Dragons is the first gaming Dapp to be released by Just Studio. The game revolves around a battle between a dragon and an adventure team. The game is enriched by elements that include real-time strategy, investment simulation, and character development.

The game’s 2 stages are battling and exploring. In battle mode, teams can choose characters to go up against the dragon and accumulate contribution credit. If the dragon is defeated, the team members are rewarded according to their contribution.

It the team fails to defeat the dragon within a certain period, the dragon will be able to run away and result in the game switching to the exploring mode. Players are free to explore whatever they want and all participants will be rewarded by the system.

Another Dapp is Cryptospin. The Dapp was originally created as a slot machine game on the Ethereum network but migrated to Tron during the week. This a fruit machine but with a higher chance of winning when compared with other fruit games.

Tron Legend is a Dapp game that combines the classic game “Legend” with Tron’s network. The game modifies some of the drawbacks found in traditional games. The game is said to be fairer because players are given more autonomy.

The game “attaches great importance to innovation, adding mind-blowing props, clear career structure, classic role combination, and powerful skill sets.”

This week, a decentralized tool for airdrops, Tron Gift Club was launched.

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