Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Epic Games Partners with Steam Competitor The Abyss

Epic Games Partners with Steam Competitor The Abyss

As it has become recently known Epic Games, the creator of such famous series of games as Fortnite, Unreal, Gears of War and others, has entered a partnership with The Abyss, a gaming platform built on crypto.

The Abyss, that was funded by means of a very successful ICO in 2018 raising over $15 million, offers its users a wide range of social features and opportunities to earn money. Though at the moment there are six games live on The Abyss, it is already considered to be a rival to another widely-known gaming platform, Steam, that now has 30,000 games on.

Worth mentioning that the platform was launched just in March 2019 and, thus, it is at the stage of active growth. Developers on this platform can earn funds via a referral program. What’s more, they will get their reward, even if people invited to the platform haven’t purchased the developer’s game.

The Abyss platform has its own utility token that is used for in-game purchases, rewards, and payouts. ABYSS tokens provide gamers with a chance to enjoy generous discounts and easily withdraw their holdings to external wallets as well as exchange them to other digital currencies.

Now, as it has been revealed, those game developers who use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine will get more appealing business terms if they choose The Abyss for presenting their games.

Speaking about their new collaboration, Mike Gamble, head of games licensing for Epic Games, noted:

“We’re delighted that The Abyss has chosen to provide additional resources to Unreal Engine developers and publishers on its platform. Unreal Engine 4 scales to hundreds of millions of players, and access to premier support and connections with the global community can be critical to success of large-scale games with live operations.”

As both companies have signed NDAs, we can’t hope to get any further details on the terms that they agreed on.

However, according to Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, the founder of The Abyss, the conditions that will be provided to game developers will be much more attractive than the standard ones, and they will be not limited to the premium support only.

Moreover, those developers who will use Unreal Engine won’t have a separate agreement with Epic Games as all transactions will be conducted via The Abyss.

It’s a known fact that developers using the Unreal Engine get very generous licensing terms from Epic. Developers need to pay only 5% of returns over $3,000 and these payments are quarterly. There is an opportunity to negotiate an upfront price if developers believe that such a variant is more preferable.

In the framework of this new partnership, developers on The Abyss will be provided with access to the Unreal Developers Network as well as to the marketing services from The Abyss.

Epic Games Partners with Steam Competitor The Abyss

Epic Games Partners with Steam Competitor The Abyss

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